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Thesis Projects

Graduate Theses since fall 2010 are available digitally through the SCAD Libraries digital “Graduate Thesis Collection”.  Click on the title to link to the Libraries’ website and access to view a pdf of the thesis document itself.

Michael C. Walker
“Rust-Belt Trends in America’s Rural Industrial Towns: Reading the Built Environment of Covington, Virginia, as a Barometer of American Industrial Evolution” (B.F.A. 2016)

Penny Clarke Johnson
“Second Class Students: The First Public School Buildings for African Americans in Savannah, 1872-1914” (M.A. 2016)

Elizabeth A. Clappin
“Tomb With A View: Swan Point Cemetery and the Development of the Neighborhood of Blackstone in Providence, RI” (M.F.A. 2016)

Bridgid Ann Byrne
“The General Post Office in Dublin, Ireland : Architecture and the Identity of Irish Struggle” (M.F.A. 2016)

Milagros Mujica
“South American Slums : Their Origin, Conditions, and Proposed Architectural Solutions” (M.F.A. 2016)

Natalie Allingam
“Harem: Ottoman Women and the Architectural Expression of Political Influence” (B.F.A. 2015)

Glen Umberger
“Philadelphia City Hall: Redefining the Civic Identity of the Modern American City” (M.F.A. 2015)

Dallas Dedmon
“America’s Urban Neighborhood Trends Through the Lens of the Nashville’s Belmont-Hillsboro Neighborhood” (M.F.A. 2015)

Amanda Gierke
“Growing People: Panama City Beach’s Development as a Tourist Destination” (B.F.A. 2015)

Katherine Williams
“The Social Implications of Architectural Improvement: How Approaches to Poverty Influence the Success of Urban Revitalization in Over-the-Rhine” (M.A. 2014) — awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award by SCAD for 2014

Kacie M. Alaga
“Proclamation of Power: Interpreting Roman spolia in Britain” (M.A. 2014)

Jessica Van Buren
“The Challenges of Authenticity: Historic Tourism and the Jekyll Island Club” (M.A. 2014)

Olivier Geert Maene
“The Quest for a New Urban Continuity: Reconciling Urban Modernization and Urban Conservation Strategies in Savannah, Georgia” (B.F.A. 2014)

Jessica Ann Archer
“Electrifying Entertainment: Social and Urban Modernization through Electricity in Savannah, Georgia” (M.F.A. 2014)

Emily Polgardi
“Keep off the grass : beautification or play in Savannah’s Crawford and Chatham Squares, 1960-1980” (M.A. 2014)

Evan Allen
Restitutori Hispaniae: Hadrianic Numismatics and Their Implications for the Built Environment” (B.F.A. 2014)

Kimberly M. Irby
“China’s Twenty‐First Century ‘New Urban’ Experiment: The Architectural Dynamics between Rem Koolhaas’ Globalization and Wang Shu’s Localizatin within the Built Environment” (M.F.A. 2013)

Michela Davola
“Where’s My Seat: The Flavian Amphitheater and its Manifestation of the Augustan Ideal” (M.F.A. 2013)

Lauren McCardel
“Women on the Wall: The Roles and Impact of Women on Hadrian’s Wall” (M.F.A. 2013)

R. Cristina Alexander
“Lessons in the Light: An exploration of allegorical personification in secular figural stained glass in North America 1880-1930” (BFA 2013)

Adam Eason
History, Ideology, and Architecture: A Comparison of Savannah’s Historical Organizations and their Buildings” (MA 2013)

Erin McMahon
“An Uneven Playing Field: Middleton, Magnolia and Drayton Plantations of Charleston, South Carolina in Historical Perspective” (BFA 2013)

Ian Brathwaite
“Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Barbados: An Expression of Post-Colonial Caribbean Nationalism” (BFA 2012)

Grace Ann Pohlman
“Keeping Up Appearances: The Struggle between Emulation and Replication in Southern Fraternity and Sorority Housing” (MA 2012)

Kimberly Barnard
“Camp Low: The Architecture of Where Girls Grow Strong” (MFA 2012)

Christen Elizabeth DeNicholas
“The Sacred and Mundane: The Effects of the Modernist Theory on the Second Vatican Council and Catholic Architecture in Georgia” (BFA 2012)

Andrew J. Remick,
“Creating Sacred Space: The Nineteenth-Century Churches of Saint John the Baptist, Saint Patrick and Saint Benedict the Moor of Savannah, Georgia” (MA 2011)

Alesha Kay Hauser
“Proud Echoes: The Federal Building Program and Stone Architecture of Vilonia, Arkansas” (MA 2011)

Megan L. Harrison
Cultural Syncretism and the Development of Tybee Island Cottages” (MA 2011)

Kelley Stroup
Coptic Orthodox Architecture in the Southern United States” (MFA 2011)

Brittany Bryant
Reassessing Stripped Classicism within the Narrative of International Modernism in the 1920s-1930s” (MFA 2011)

Mallorie Chase
The Space of the Surface: Ceramic Tile Architecture in the Lisbon Metro” (MA 2011)

Claudia Rosa-Lopez
`Reading’ Córdoba and Granada: The Curious Case of Hispanic-Arab Urban Historiography” (MFA 2011)

Bethany Zedalis
The McMansion: Meanings in the Phenomenon of Architectural Elaboration” (MFA 2011)

Bradley G. Allen
‘Eleanor’s Eleanor: A Utopian New Deal Town in Southern Appalachia” (BFA 2011)

Lindsey Marie Olmstead
“A Glorious Prison: Enclosure and Nunnery Architecture in Post-Conquest England” (BFA 2011)

Ruben Acosta
Savannah’s Union Station: Architecture and the Gateway in the South” (MFA 2010)

Note: Graduate Theses submitted before Fall 2010 are not available digitally.

Kristen Rourke
“`It takes all kinds of people to make a suburb’: From heterogeneous city to homogenous suburb in early twentieth-century Savannah, Georgia” (BFA 2010)

Nicholas Fuqua
“Hidden in plain view: The sites and structures of slave processing in Charleston, South Carolina 1670-1865” (MFA 2010)

Patrick Evan McWilliams
“The cathedral is the head of the church: St. John the Divine and Ralph Adams Cram’s view of completeness” (MA 2010)

Melanie Teresa Smith
“A history of Erasures: Capitalism and the urban transformations of Beirut, Lebanon” (MFA 2010)

Julie Smith
“Beyond the Glory of Squares: Whitaker Street as a Slice of Utilitarian Savannah” (MA 2009)

Jamie White
“Integrating Vernacular Traditions into Twentieth-Century Modernist and Post-Modern Architecture” (BFA 2009)

Andrew Needham
“The urban form of Ottoman al-Jazar’ir” (MA 2009)

Patrick Evan McWilliams
“The Modern Middle Ages: Eucharistic Theology and the Cult of the Saints in Late Gothic Revival Architecture” (BFA 2008)

Kristina A. Lara
“The Debate on Ornament during the Modern Movement: The Theories, Architecture and Publications of Louis Sullivan and Adolf Loos” (BFA 2008)

McDonald, Carmie Jones
“A Place Set Apart: Montreat, North Carolina, the Chautauqua Movement and the Development of a Retreat Center Typology” (MA 2008)

Adams, Jennifer
“The Streets and Piazzas of Rome: A Comparison of Renaissance and Fascist Urban Design” (MA 2008)

Benson, Kirsta L.
“The Evolution of the American Corporate Office Interior” (MA 2007)

Pate, Betsy S.
“A Recycled Landscape: The Trustees Garden in Savannah Through Three Centuries of Change” (MFA 2007)

Walker, Nathaniel Robert
“Savannah’s Lost Squares: The Fight Over Savannah’s Town Plan and the Ascendance of Automobility” (MA 2006) — awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award by SCAD for 2006

Davison, Mark Andrew
“Buildings in Motion: The Movement of Historic Buildings in and Around Savannah, Georgia” (BFA 2006)

Fehrenbacher, Amy
“A Forgotten Legacy: Henry B. Plant’s Contributions to Florida’s Vacation Resort Identity” (BFA 2006)

Harrison, Morgan Lee
“Paths to Involvement: Women and the Early Preservation Movement in Savannah” (MFA 2006)

Hutter, Renee L.
“The Americanization of Moravian Architecture 1758-1958” (MFA 2006)

Masana, Megan K.
“The Revitalization of Jackson Square: An architectural Heritage as Envisioned and Implemented by the Baroness de Pontalba” (MFA 2006)

Athalye, Abhijit G.
“Gothic Bombay: Native Exuberance or Colonial Benevolence?” (MA 2004) — awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2004 Outstanding Thesis Competition at SCAD

Galt, Diane Dodson.
“The Design of Early Seaside Resorts in America: Defining American Coastal Architecture & Planning Using Tybee Island, Georgia as a Case Study” (MA 2004)

Huxley, Carleen S.
“Portal Decoration on Norwegian Stave Churches: An Examination of Their Decorative Programs and the Theories Regarding Their Interpretation” (BFA 2003)

Warner, Caroline Everard Athey
“Everyday Grace in Nineteenth-century Savannah: The Architectural Legacy of Eliza Ann Jewett” (BFA 2003)

Levine, Todd
“Daffin Park: The Ideal Progressive Era Reform Park” (MFA 2003)

Belanger, Marc John
“Innovating Modern Housing for Post-War Savannah, Georgia: The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), William P. Bergen, and the Drayton Arms Apartments” (MFA 2002)

Potts, Craig Anthony
“Dwindling Regionalism: the Homogenization of Roadside Motel Architecture on Arizona’s Route 66” (MA 2001)

Gravely, Martha Leslie
“The Pink House: An Analysis of its Occupants, Architecture, Social Use, and Role in Savannah’s Urban Plan From 1771 to the Present” (MFA 2000)

Boyaki, Amanda
“A Woman’s Place is in the Home: The Buildings of Mabel Welch” (MA 2000)

Kuhn, Patricia
“The City’s Edge: A Step to the Suburb Domestic Architecture in Savannah’s Lloyd Ward” (BFA 2000)

Fisher, Laura Lee
“Towards a Southern Architecture” (MFA 1999)

Frazier, Tyler James
“Evidence of an Emerging Pedagogical Ideal as Observed in the Early Public Schools in Savannah, Georgia” (BFA 1999)

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