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9th Savannah Symposium Recap

February 21, 2015

72360-program-cover_smThe 9th Savannah Symposium: The Architecture of Trade, February 5-7, 2015, successfully fulfilled the high expectations we have for this series.  In addition to the two esteemed keynote speakers — Nasser Rabbat, Director of the Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Joyce Appleby, Professor Emerita of History at the University of California, Los Angeles — 45 speakers participated, representing eight countries (Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Israel, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States).  The symposium offers junior scholars a chance to hone their skills and share insights from the cutting edge of scholarship.  Among the presenters were 15 graduate students (10 pursuing their Ph.D. and 5 their Master’s degree).  One of the goals of the series is to bring together academics and practitioners from different disciplines and it was thrilling to welcome diverse historians (architectural historians, art historians, social historians, economic historians) and architects, preservationists and planners.  We were especially thrilled to see 67 SCAD students register as attendees, representing several different academic majors.

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