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Exciting Alumni Survey Results

October 6, 2012

At the beginning of fall quarter 2012 our department, in collaboration with SCAD’s Office of Assessment, sent out an alumni survey to 51 MA and MFA alumni and “near-alumni” (those students who have completed all degree requirements except their thesis) from the past fourteen years.  So far, we’ve had 42 past graduate students fill out the survey — an amazing 82% response rate.  Among the exciting highlights of the survey:

  • 100% of the respondents were either very satisfied (76%) or satisfied (24%) with our department
  • 100% of the respondents have found the knowledge and skills they learned in their architectural history graduate degree program useful (85%) or somewhat useful (15%) in their careers after leaving SCAD, regardless of whether they are employed in a position relating to architectural history or not
  • 73% found work in the field of architectural history or a closely related field, continued studies in the field or a closely related field or did both
  • 63% describe their current job as in or related to the field of arch history

Among the reasons for the high level of satisfaction, our alumni overwhelmingly identified the quality of the faculty as the principal reason.  Other reasons for their satisfaction included the use of Savannah as a learning laboratory, the small class sizes, the variety of classes, and the emphasis on professional opportunities for students.

We are very proud of our alumni and near-alumni (many of whom are finishing up their thesis).  To see what they are up to, click on the Alumni tab above.

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