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Bradley Allen (BFA candidate) serves as a panelist at a Career Networking Social

October 24, 2009

bradley on internship panelUndergraduate Architectural History major, Bradley Allen, served as one of six panelists invited to speak at the 3rd Annual School of the Building Arts Sophomore Career Networking Social held Thursday night, Oct. 22, at the Pei Ling Chan Gallery.  Bradley had been invited following the posting to YouTube of his mini-documentary that he made of his summer internship.

The six student panelists included three interior designers, a historic preservationist, an architect, and Bradley representing architectural history.  They were on hand to discuss their internship experiences, and give positive insight to the internship process.  Students also had the opportunity to ask questions, talk to advisors from career services, and of course network with fellow classmates.

Valuable issues concerning the internship process were discussed including: lodging, salary, basic job requirements, location, personal obstacles faced, results and opportunities of employment that may have came out of the experience. Many attended the event, including students from other SCAD departments outside the School of the Building Arts.

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